Vilena Private Travel is a luxury travel consultancy offering unique individually curated travel experiences.
The company was launched by travel specialist Vilena Tjurina in 2017 with help of 360 Private Travel, who provided a luxury product with flexible, back-up support. Vilena`s repeating clients were requesting her to go beyond ordinary bookings that are widely advertised. As a 360 Partner, she takes full advantage of booking luxury travel with Virtuoso benefits and with outstanding hotel partnerships which allow her regular clients to feel like VVIP’s.
By creating bespoke travel experiences for the most discerning travellers, and using Vilena`s valued network to include super-lux touches with the finest suppliers, every itinerary will certainly sparkle and add value to our client’s overall experience.

A small business with big backing…

While we are independent travel agents, we're fortunate enough to work under the renowned umbrella group, 360 Private Travel.

100% Financial protection

We can provide you with the assurance that your holidays are fully bonded, IATA, and ATOL protected, allowing you to relax with peace of mind.

Personalised & stress-free

By letting us do the research and coordination for you, we can tailor an experience to your specific needs and hope to take the stress out of searching where to go and how to get there.

Exclusive rates & BENEFITS

Beyond our broad and direct experience, we have over 50 destination specialists that we can collaborate with to tailor your bespoke travel plans.

Limitless options

I can booked anywhere in the world, including the UK. Importantly, unlike many tour operators, I can support you with impartial advice and book without restrictions.

Who We Are?

Welcome to Vilena Private Travel, where our passion for travel is at the core of who we are. Crafting bespoke travel experiences for our clients is what drives us, offering journeys to destinations worldwide. Vilena Private Travel serves both leisure and business travelers who prioritize exceptional quality, superior style, and personalized service while valuing experiences over costs in the world’s most exclusive destinations.

As an independent affiliate of 360 Private Travel, the United Kingdom’s most prestigious travel agency and a Forbes Travel endorsed agency, we leverage 360 Private Travel’s decade-long relationships with the world’s finest hotels, resorts, villas, cruise lines, and tour companies. These partnerships enable Vilena Private Travel to offer clients exclusive benefits, special treatment, and insider access. Your time away is your most precious and finite resource, and our mission is to help you create truly extraordinary travel experiences.

Rest assured, we prioritize the financial protection of your holidays and are fully bonded, operating in partnership with 360 Private Travel. Booking with Vilena Travel grants you access to Virtuoso benefits in selected hotels through the 360 Private Travel Membership, along with preferred partner programs with top hotel brands. 


Meet Vilena

With a Bachelor’s Degree in International Tourism Management and Marketing from Middlesex University, Vilena’s career took flight as a boutique hotel manager in London, an endeavor she successfully led for one year. Her journey continued with prominent travel agencies like Black Tomato, Luxury Holidays, Quintessentially Travel, and Ten Group Lifestyle over the last 18 years. Establishing enduring relationships with top hotels, travel suppliers, and private jets, Vilena remained committed to ongoing professional development through travel summits, courses, FAM trips, and industry events. Her dedication to providing VIP service garnered loyal clients who continued seeking her expertise, even during her maternity leave with her second child.

Driven by her passion and growing experience, Vilena ventured to establish her own business. After partnering with 360 Private Travel, she proudly introduced Vilena Private Travel, prioritizing excellence in collaboration with the finest suppliers in the travel and wedding industries. Your journey starts with us.

Our Mission

Our commitment to our clients’ trust and our unwavering attention to detail drive us to create meaningful travel experiences where every moment counts. We leverage our extensive network and partnerships to provide exclusive benefits and insider access. We focus on the value of our clients’ time, striving to make each travel moment truly extraordinary, emphasizing quality and personalization.


Who We Are

Vilena Tjurina

CEO / Private Travel Consultant


Luxury Travel Advisor

Roksolana Pyndus

Head of Finance

Igor Brekhunets

Marketing Director / Digital Content Creator

Our Partners

360 Private Travel is a member of Virtuoso and the world’s most exclusive hotel programmes. Through my partnership with 360, I am able to access all the fantastic benefits these affiliations offer for my clients, including opulent extras, luxury upgrades and personal touches at top hotels. See below for list of Hotel Group partners.